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Weight gain and weight loss

Excessive weight is a problem for millions of people across the world. The most common causes include overeating (also referred to as lack of energy balance, when someone consumes more calories than the body needs to function properly throughout the day, as a result of which the excess calories transform into fat and are stored in the tissues), environmental factors (busy schedules that encourage fast foods and binge eating when at home, lack of places for exercise and recreational activities, heavy food advertising and lack of access to stores selling fresh and healthy foods), genetic predisposition (some people are more likely than others to store the extra fat, plus children in families with one or both parents overeating are likely to acquire similar eating habits). Other factors that can contribute to weight gain include emotional factors, taking certain medications and having specific medical conditions. Weight loss becomes necessary when the patient's excessive weight puts their health at risk.

Reasons to lose weight and options

There are mainly two reasons to lose weight: to be healthier and reduce the risk of developing serious chronic conditions, as well as for aesthetic purpose. People carrying moderate amount of excessive weight are likely to consider weight loss through dieting, exercising or taking special medications to become more physically attractive, as overweight people tend to be stigmatized. Those carrying a lot of excessive weight usually have health reasons in addition to the aesthetic factor, as healthy weight loss allows reducing the risk of developing heart problems, diabetes, high cholesterol levels and many other potentially deadly chronic conditions.

Safe and efficient weight loss

When choosing the right diet and lifestyle, you should be very careful and avoid unnecessary and unreasonable risks. There are too many fad diets that promise fast results without too much effort, but most of them work by telling you to eat very little food, which causes short-term loss of fluids and can affect your general wellbeing. A good and healthy diet that you will be able to follow safely should include a variety of foods from major food groups, fit your budget and include foods that you would be able to find at the local grocery store instead of ordering them from abroad. A good diet should also come with an exercise plan, because eating less without exercising will result in very slow and unsteady weight loss. Remember that making permanent changes to your lifestyle is the key to successful weight loss and feeling better than ever before.

60/120 mg

Xenical prevents about a quarter of the fat consumed from being absorbed in the body, but the meal should always contain a certain amount of fat. Xenical is available at the dose of 120 mg and needs to be taken three times a day, with every meal, preferably at even intervals